What is Rank Legacy

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Rank Legacy.

Wherever there is a crossfit tournament in the world

Born from the needs of the Roma Throwdown founders to have a system to manage on-line and real time ranks, and that can give feedback in a timely and quick manner.

The project is meant to be integrated with an easy registration step and a powerful management engine. The result is Rank Legacy.

Thanks to Rank Legacy you can manage registrations, on-line qualifications, with a traditional ranking of F1, like the Games, payments and the live scoring in real time.

You can choose to organize an individual event or a team one; at any time, you will have under control the numbers of registered athletes and the payments received.

You can insert registration Wods, create scorecards, analyze all the registered athletes and send a newsletter to all or only to the qualified athletes.

The system calculate itself the finalists and place them into the heats, automatically creating the heats and recording these data for the athletes.

We can concurrently manage several tournaments, personalizing each competition with its own graphics.