Roma Throwdown 2019.

Roma - Italia
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From 25 December 2018

To 10 February 2019


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25 / 26 May 2019.

After the great success of the secod edition, we are glad to invite you to the new edition of Roma Throwdown 2019, a two days event that will be held in Rome (Italy) on May 25th and 26th c/o Salaria Sport Club
Qualifications between February 3th and February 17th
Registrations ends of February 09th
registrations: www.ranklegacy.it
Facebook: @Roma Throwdown
Instagram: #RomaThrowdown
Roma Throwdown is a competition organized by VEERING Ro.Ma. Group
Roma Throwdown is open to all those athletes that want to test themselves and compete. Competition is a good way to find motivation and to test the results of your hard training and to share all the efforts made during the entire year with the enthusiasm the Fitness have us.
VEERING Ro.Ma. through Roma Throwdown is proud to share with you the passion we have together.
Athletes can register in the following cathegories: 
-Men & Women Elite 
-Men & Women 35-39 
-Men & Women 40+ 
-Men & Women 45+
-Men & Woman  50 + 
-Man 55 +
-Men & Women Scaled 
-Men & Women Teen
-Men & Women Junior
-Team Elite and Scaled
-Team Master 105
-Team Class
If you don't know what category you belong to, please refer to the qualifications wods.
3 qualification workouts will be announced starting from February 3th 2019.
At the end of the on-line qualifications, the first athletes will be invited to the final phase, by using the following criteria:
-Elite Men: 80 Top athletes 
-Elite Women: 20 Top athletes
-Masters Men 35-39: 40 Top athletes
-Masters Women 35-39: 10 Top athletes
-Masters Men 40+: 40 Top athletes
-Masters Women 40+: 10 Top athletes
-Masters Men 45+: 40 Top athletes
-Masters Women 45+: 10 Top athletes
-Master 50+ Men: 20 Top athletes
-Master 50+ Women: 10 Top athletes
-Master 55+ Men: 10 Top athletes
-Junior 18/21 Men: 20 Top athletes
-Junior 18/21 Women: 10 Top athletes
-Scaled Men: 80 Top athletes
-Scaled Women: 60 Top athletes
-Teen Men: 20 Top athletes
-Teen Women: 10 Top athletes
-Team Elite 25 Top Teams (2 Men-1 Woman)
-Team Scaled 20 Top Teams (2 Men-1 Woman)
-Team Scaled 20 Top Teams (3 Men)
-Team Master 105+ 25 Top Teams (2 Men-1 Woman)
-Team Class 30 Top Team (MM-MF-FF)
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